Terms of Service for Companies

SUBSCRIPTION AND INDIVIDUAL USER TERMS AGREEMENT 1. DEFINITIONS Within this Subscription and Individual User Terms Agreement; User or Corporate User: Refers to the legal person who, by becoming a subscriber, uses the services offered on the mobile application or website (“Website”) as an employer, Individual User: Refers to the real person who, by becoming a subscriber, uses the services offered on the mobile application and website to find a job and become an employee, Company: Refers to Todojobs SA de CV (hereinafter "Todojobs"), Registration data: refers to Calle Oso 127-104 A1 Colonia del Valle Sur 03104 Alcaldía Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, Mexico Form: Refers to the subscription document of the Mobile application/Website that users fill out by providing their information, User Consent: Refers to the consent given by the user's self, which allows the processing of the user's personal or corporate data in line with the purpose and scope designated by the user, and the sending of commercial electronic messages to the user, the content of which can be accessed via the Mobile application/Website. 2. SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT The subject of this Agreement is the regulation regarding the obligations of the User, who has the right to utilize the services offered by the Company by becoming an individual subscriber of the Mobile application/Website, and the Company to each other. 3. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES 3.1. The user becomes a subscriber of the mobile application by confirming this Agreement and creating an account panel of his/her own. 3.2. The User declares and accepts that he/she shall personally use and transact within the mobile application account panel and that he/she cannot give the right of access and use to any third party. 3.3. The User declares and accepts that he/she has the full right to use the name, picture, and all other information contained in the mobile application and that such uses do not constitute a violation of the rights of third parties. 3.4. The User declares and accepts that all the information he/she has given, especially the address and contact information, is correct, that he/she is over the age of 18 and has the capacity to take legal action. 3.5. The User can utilize the mobile application by publishing job-seeking advertisements, searching among the advertisements of registered Corporate Users, informing Corporate Users about himself/herself, and applying for a job. 3.6. The user cannot make misleading, deceptive, and untrue statements about himself/herself. 3.7. When Todojobs requests, If the user does not send official documents such as signature circular, activity certificate, official newspaper, tax certificate within 24 hours, the advertisement and company account belonging to the company shall be deactivated and no refund shall be made. The User, with this agreement, accepts that he/she is obliged to provide these documents when requested, and if he/she does not, the use of the system shall be suspended. 3.7. Individual User is responsible for all personal, sensitive, and other data he/she gives to Corporate Users. The Company is not responsible for the Corporate User's processing, use, sharing, leaking, or unauthorized access of this data in any way, against the informed consent or legislation given by the Individual User. 3.8. The Individual User is solely responsible for any comments or ratings made by the Individual User about any other Individual User or Corporate User. 3.9. The Company is not responsible for the comments or ratings made by another Individual User or Corporate User about the Individual User, and since the Company is the hosting provider, at the point of removal of the content, the Individual User must resolve the dispute with the Corporate or Individual User who made the comment. 3.10. Individual Users may not make any out of purpose use, advertisement, message, or mass message transaction, including but not limited to advertising, marketing activities, on the Mobile application/Website. 3.11. The User is personally responsible for ensuring the security of his/her subscription information, e-mail address, password, account, and other information. 3.12. The Company has the right to take all kinds of measures, including the closing of the User's account, in order to ensure that the User can utilize the mobile application/Website within the framework of this Agreement and legislation and to prevent the use of contrary to such. 3.13. The User is solely responsible for all claims and demands that may arise in case of violation of this Agreement and the legislation and is obliged to immediately compensate the Company for any damages that may be incurred due to such claims and demands. 3.14. In our application, there are bots that can detect the use that may violate the legislation and your user agreement by searching through keywords. The user's account may be closed by the Company due to use contrary to the legislation and agreement. The Company is not obliged to refund when the account is closed. No refund claim can be made. 3.15. The user may stop using the Mobile application/Website at any time by closing his/her account. 3.16. The Company keeps all the information shared by the User during subscription or usage confidential, and does not share them with anyone other than the group companies to which the Company is affiliated, or the performance assistants such as agents, commercial agents, commercial representatives that the Company has agreed to perform this Agreement. This information may be used by the Mobile application/Website for the purposes of providing the Mobile application/Website services to the User with maximum utilization and informing about the services. 3.17. The Company may communicate, including commercially, with the User by electronic or traditional means. 3.18. The company has taken all necessary quality measures in accordance with industry standards regarding the system, software, and other technical conditions of the mobile application/Website. Despite this, the Company cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the deliberate abuse of the mobile application/Website by any User or third party, or from exposure to a cyber intrusion. 3.19. The Company makes maximum efforts to ensure that the mobile application/Website operates uninterruptedly or free of any errors. However, the Company does not guarantee that the services provided by the Website meet the subjective expectations of the User and cannot be held responsible for such matters. 3.20. The Company may provide links to third-party websites or refer to third-party products or services on the mobile application/Website. Services or products linked or referenced in this way are not subject to Company review, and the Company is not subject to any responsibility in regard to these services or products. Utilization of third-party services or products is entirely the User's own choice, and no claim or demand in this regard can be directed to the Company. 3.21. All services offered by the Company in the Mobile application/Website within the framework of these Terms may be terminated without any reason and without the obligation to give any termination notice. 4. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All content, including the design of the mobile application/Website and all images published on the mobile application/Website, are under the copyright protection of the Company; thus cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed in any format, published or used in any other way without the written consent of the Company. Legal action shall be taken against the user conducting misapplication. 5. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT Within the framework of this Agreement, the Company may terminate all services offered by the Company in the mobile application/Website without any cause and without the obligation to give any termination notice. The User cannot claim any rights in the case the Agreement is terminated in this way. 6. FORCE MAJEURE The User or the Company shall not be responsible in cases that occur outside the control of the parties, such as decisions taken by the Government, legal regulations, due to force majeure such as natural disasters determined by laws, war, mobilization, fire, strike and lockout, internet outage, etc. which occur in a way and to a degree that partially or completely, temporarily or permanently suspend the working opportunities of both or one of the User or the Company. The non-liability of the User and the Company is limited to the continuation of these circumstances. In this case, the User or the Company shall not have the right to claim the damage they have incurred due to the non-execution or delay of the agreement from each other. 7. VARIOUS AND FINAL PROVISIONS All notices, confirmations, requests, and other types of correspondence and notifications to be sent to the User by the Company or received from the User shall be made via e-mail. The provisions of this Agreement are severable, and the invalidity of a provision in no way affects the validity of other provisions. If any of the provisions of this Agreement becomes unenforceable or invalid due to a new law or regulation, the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected. This User Agreement may be amended at any time by the Company by notifying the User through the communication channel he/she has chosen. This Agreement, consisting of seven articles, enters into force on the date the User approves the Agreement and is terminated if the Agreement is terminated by the Company or if the User terminates his/her subscription.